Added Services

Argus provides comprehensive added services to complement our line of products and projects.

Employees inspect material to be machined

With us, you have a one-stop shop allowing you to avoid the irritancies of commissioning multiple entities.

Assembly employee repairing an Argus Pig Valve

We provide maintenance and repair services for all our products. If your unit is damaged or requires a replacement part, Argus can facilitate its repair.


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We offer Engineering services

We partner with you to provide custom design solutions for your unique application per each of our products. We will also work with you to provide design for manufacturing services, making your project production-friendly and cost-effective.

Our skilled engineering personnel provide precision and customizability to every project. See our Engineering Page to learn more.


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Customers receive training on the Argus Multi-Pig Launcher

Whether you are new to Argus products or need support on proper maintenance, our team will provide you with the education and training you require.


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Side by side 16 inch Argus Multi-Pig Launchers

Unsure about what solution is best for your situation? No problem. Argus can evaluate your site and recommend the best solution for your operation.

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