Clean hydrogen is shaping up to be the fuel of the future, and Argus is uniquely situated to help companies make that future a reality.

We’re already working on producing parts to convert vehicles to dual-use and changing existing infrastructure to allow for hydrogen use.

The hydrogen industry will need new technology, new manufacturing, and thousands of parts designed and produced. Argus is the best choice to assist your company’s move from the idea and design stage all the way to manufacturing. Our engineering and shop floor teams have the expertise, knowledge, and energy to handle any size of project.

Here are a few of the possibilities that Argus is currently exploring:

  • On-site production of hydrogen fuel cells
  • Scalable microgrids
  • Vehicle blending
  • Heat exchange, pumps
  • Generators 
  • Storage and transfer
  • Hydrogen production

How can we help streamline your project?