Small Diameter Ball Valve

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Small Diameter Ball Valve

Argus' Small Diameter Ball Valve is a robust ball valve designed for the draining and bleeding of gas and liquids.  It is often paired with our pig valves and multi-pig launchers, offering enhanced safety to both products.

  • Available in 1/2" - 1" NPT
  • Suitable for low temperature service
  • Available in multiple trim materials (see brochure for details)

  • Materials compliant to NACE MR0175 for sour service
  • Temperature rating -50°F to +250°F (-46°C to +121°C)
  • Pressure rated to 4,000 psi W.O.G.
  • API 607 Fire Safe - graphite secondary gasket ensures safety in the event of a fire. The ball and stem realign, creating a metal to metal seal.
  • Blowout preventative stem enhances safety
  • Valve bores .500", .750" and 1.00"
  • Seat design ensures sealing at high and low ends of pressure rating
  • Lockout design for additional security and safety
  • O-ring stem seal, packing is not required, reducing maintenance requirements
  • Low operating torque provides ease of operation
  • Antistatic design reduces ignition hazards
  • Standard ISO 5211 mounting for simple valve automation