Our History

Argus has been building its rich history since 1958.

Read below for highlights of the last 65 years.

Argus' founders and the shop in its beginning years

In the fall of 1958, Argus becomes incorporated!

Albert Kranenburg becomes president, and cofounder Tommy Hallett officially joins Argus just one year later, adding president to his title. Argus remains at this location (10101–80 Avenue, Edmonton) for five years.

New Edmonton Manufacturing Building - 1963

Argus purchases and relocates to 5820-97 Street, Edmonton, where our Manufacturing facility resides today. Industry ebbs and flows, and exposure to new technology at the time ignited a passion within Tommy to explore API and Premium threading. He begins his quest to find a machine to fulfill this dream.

The CRIDAN machine arrives from Belgium. Tommy played a firsthand role in ensuring this machine met his specifications, and Argus began a lifetime of threading expertise. The first customer order on the CRIDAN was for 3 ½ IF API. Also, this year, Argus Valve Ltd. was incorporated, leading to the check valve product line being developed.

Atlantic Argus is open for business! This endeavor would come to an end in 1990.

Argus develops the FJ-AT thread connection. The mid-1980s also led to Tommy’s development of the Face & Chase System, which elevates repairs to threaded casing or tubing to almost new condition with minimal loss to the customer’s pipe. This unit (and process) was patented in 1998 in Canada and in 2001 in the USA.

Argus’ first Assembly and Testing facility opened, leading to the development of the first Argus Pigging Valve in 1995. The Argus Pressure Switch follows soon after.

Argus Nisku Manufacturing Building Construction in 2022

The Argus Nisku facility opens.

Until this point, Tommy and Albert were the sole shareholders of Argus. This year sees the shareholders grow to a group of 13 employees.

Argus acquires Precimax Mfg. Ltd., adding EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) to Argus’ growing capabilities.

Argus looks forward to the future with a rebranded look!

The Argus ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Program) opportunity is extended to all employees. In the face of an ever-changing industry and eyes on the future, Argus rebrands. This new look conveys the same precision, quality, and reliability that has built Argus’ reputation and represents the new, innovative space Argus is etching into its history.