About Us

Since 1958, Argus has created world-class quality machined parts, and products, setting industry standards and exceeding quality requirements. Our skilled engineering, design, and sales staff bring knowledge, expertise, and a passion for excellence to every project.

With our fully-equipped machining, engineering, and design facility, Argus is capable of handling any size of project you might need. From concept to implementation, our skilled team is invested with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Founders

In the year 2000, our founders Tommy Hallett and Albert Kranenburg, took a bold step to ensure the future of Argus and the people who invested their time, energy, and effort to make Argus the industry leader that it is today.

Both Tommy and Albert felt strongly about ensuring a legacy that included giving back to their family of employees and their community, and the city of Edmonton. To Tommy and Albert, providing a reliable, high-quality product was important, but building a quality team of seasoned professionals, a family of workers, was equally vital.

In 2014, Tommy and Albert handed the reigns over to the team they had spent decades strengthening and nurturing. Their values and ethics are part of Argus’s DNA, part of the foundation from which we build.

Argus Core Values