Automatic Pig Launchers
Automatic Pig Launchers Automatic Pig Launchers

Innovation and Efficiency

Pipeline pigs are effective in cleaning and maintaining pipelines, but access to well sites, as well as the man-hours and resources required for the pigging process, often present challenges.

Always striving to lead the industry in the development of oilfield products, we set out to develop a faster, more efficient remote pipeline pigging system. Our automatic pig launcher, which allows the loading of multiple pigs at once, will help increase productivity and safety, and make your pigging process easier.

Compared to traditional launching methods, Argus Automatic Pig Launchers reduce emissions by up to 92%.

The innovative design of the Argus multi-pig launcher incorporates our quality pipeline pig valves, pig chamber, actuation, and controls into a fully automated pigging package. In addition to reducing downtime and lowering emissions by up to 92%, here are some other advantages of our automatic pig launchers:

  • Reduce overall operational and logistical costs, as well as those associated with limited access-only sites
  • Improve field safety thanks to unmanned operation and reduced exposure to pipeline media
  • Avoid landowner issues through minimized well site access
  • Significantly reduced weight and footprint make our automatic pig launcher ideal for offshore applications

  • A350-LF2 low temperature forged steel valve construction
  • ISO 9001:2015 and API 6D certifications
  • Sizes ranging from 2" through 20" (DN50 through DN500)
  • Pressure ratings 150 through 1500 ASME

Site access and weather can impact your ability to launch pipeline pigs. Argus remote pipeline pigging systems and automatic pig launchers help to minimize these issues.