zDRAFT - Pigging Valves

zDRAFT - Pigging Valves
zDRAFT - Pigging Valves zDRAFT - Pigging Valves zDRAFT - Pigging Valves zDRAFT - Pigging Valves zDRAFT - Pigging Valves zDRAFT - Pigging Valves zDRAFT - Pigging Valves

A Better Alternative for Pipeline Pigging

Pigging valves are used extensively on oil & gas pipelines throughout Western Canada as well as many parts of the United States, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Capable of reverse flow pigging and compatible with other manufacturers' pigs, Argus pig ball valves and pigs are available in sizes ranging from 2" through 20" (DN50 through DN500) and pressure ratings from 150 through 1500 ASME. Compatible with most inspection tools.

Its smaller footprint minimizes environmental impact, decreasing infrastructure costs. Also, compared to a conventional barrel valve, the Argus pig ball valve reduces emissions by up to 91%.

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Pigging valves were introduced into the oil and gas industry almost 50 years ago. They are used to introduce and retrieve pipeline cleaning and maintenance devices. You’ll find them used in the production, storage, refining, and gathering of oil or gas as well as water treatment, disposal, and injection.

Argus Pigging Valves

Argus manufactures a positive shut-off, double block and bleed pigging valve that ranges in size from 2 inches to 20 inches. The Argus pigging valve provides a safe and efficient means of inserting and retrieving pipeline cleaning devices under pressure.

The trunnion-mounted, quarter-turn valve concept enables the operator to achieve positive shut-off upstream and downstream while having the ability to vent and drain the valve cavity. Once confirmed that there is no pressure in the valve cavity the operator can remove the cap of the pigging valve and if in the launching mode, insert the selected cleaning device. Upon closing all vent and drain valves the operator then opens the valve into the open and flowing position and the pressure and media volume move the pig out of the valve and down the flow line. The valve was designed and engineered with flexibility in mind and can accommodate many different styles and manufacturers of pigs.

Production Optimization and Corrosion Mitigation being the key objectives, Argus strives to provide a complete solution for your application and can provide Argus designed and engineered pigs that optimize debris removal and liquid sweeping. Standard inventory trim is to NACE MR0175 and is rated for temperatures from -50ºF to +250ºF (-46ºC to +121ºC). This trim covers the broadest spectrum of applications around the globe and enables Argus to provide lead times that are conducive to your on-time project completion.

The Argus Pigging Valve is engineered and manufactured from the finest materials with advanced equipment and quality craftsmanship. Argus pipeline pigging valves facilitate asset integrity, mitigate corrosion, and optimize oil and gas production.

Here are a few of our pipeline pigging advantages:

  • Forged three-piece body design and construction are superior to castings
  • Trunnion-mounted ball extends seat life and promotes ease of operation
  • Double block and bleed construction facilitates the launch and receipt of bullet, scraper, and spherical pigs
  • Environmentally superior to pigging tees and traps
  • Designed for NACE, low-temp, liquid or gas applications with a standard temperature range of -50ºF to +250ºF (-46ºC to +121ºC)

Argus pig valve integrity is assured through A350-LF2 low-temperature forged steel construction, while uncompromised quality is secured under ISO 9001:2015 and API 6D certifications.

Manufactured under API 6D license 0225Argus pigging valves conform to a vast myriad of specifications governing our manufacturing and testing processes. This is part of our quality process and enables Argus to proudly stand behind every valve that is manufactured in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.

There are several advantages of pigging valves over conventionally fabricated barrel-style launchers and receivers. The footprint required to accommodate a pigging valve is considerably less than the barrel-style launcher. Simplistic in operation as you are now operating a single quarter-turn ball valve instead of numerous valves that are associated with the barrel style.

Safety is enhanced by the inherent features and built-in redundancy as well as the reduced number of steps to perform the pigging operation. You also won't be in the line of fire for a projectile situation with the pig. The pigging valve is environmentally friendly if you are venting to atmosphere as the volume of media can be reduced by up to 91 percent.

Maintenance is simplified with a substantial reduction in the number of valves and the overall size of the configuration. The Argus pigging valve is widely accepted by junior, intermediate, and major oil and gas producers around the world.