Argus is committed to helping companies reduce their environmental impact and reduce emissions. We’ve been innovating new ideas like our automated pigging launcher, and assisting industries like oil and gas and hydrogen with ideas and parts manufacturing.

We’re exploring ideas for parts and systems to clean pipelines while capturing emissions and reusing those emissions for additional energy. We draw from our cross-industry experience to assist companies looking to reduce emissions and improve the environment. 

We’re also working with companies on the leading edge of clean fuel development, finding new ways to refit old-world machinery to run cleaner. Our engineering and manufacturing teams will work with your team to design and implement new ideas and technologies.


Sustainability at Argus touches on all areas of our operations. We aim to deliver the products and services needed for a growing population in a responsible way - respecting people, their safety as well as the environment. Sustainability is essential to the longevity of our business and our role as a member of society.

We continually invest in research and development to engineer innovative environmentally friendly products that assist your company in reducing emissions. We’re proud that our Argus Pig Valves and Argus Automatic Pig Launchers significantly reduce the venting of media to atmosphere by up to 92%. We’re also working on new designs for the hydrogen fuel industry, aiming to help make energy greener.